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When The Going Gets Tough - Building Personal, Team and Organisational Resilience


Our workplaces are characterised by enormous change, disruption and uncertainty and for many of us our personal lives are also busy, hectic and demanding. At this time it’s important to stay focused, deliver results and stay resilient. With increasing demands on time, resources, and energy it’s not surprising public sector employees are experiencing burnout at increasingly-higher rates, with staff sickness and turnover rates also on the rise.
The last decade has seen the rise of behavioural economics and a growing interest in using it, together with positive psychology, to understand how behaviour influences everything from day-to-day life, to work, to how the economy functions. Behaviour in work not only impacts individual staff engagement and satisfaction, but also the experiences of pupils/parents quality of service and organizational performance. We need to better understand how to enhance employee productivity, engagement and innovation whilst protecting their wellbeing.
Happiness, joy, compassion and kindness – leadership which focusses on developing workplaces which embody these values and behaviours are much more likely to develop greater collaboration, better quality of service and innovation.
During this-fast paced, engaging, uplifting and interactive workshop, Rene will help delegates to explore cutting-edge research and practice to equip them to better support and get alongside their teams to ensure greater resilience, engagement and positive responses to change.


We will:
  • Explore the links between psychological wellbeing and physical wellbeing, productivity and engagement
  • Reflect personally on your current levels of resilience
  • Consider a range of techniques which you can utilise to build and maintain resilience for yourself and your team
  • Share steps leaders can take to improve joy, compassion and engagement in work
  • Explore current thought leaders’ research and evidence for improving workplace cultures to protect staff wellbeing
  • Agree action points to enable leaders to make progress in leveraging high performance whilst helping themselves and their staff flourish


Comments from previous participants -
“Brilliant! Highly relevant and packed full of information and useful adaptations that will really make a difference to me as a leader. I am now looking at ways to share this information with the SLT and wider staff.” – Headteacher, Rochdale

"Rene’s resilience training was excellent. All departments attended and found it equally relevant and engaging. It resulted in members of staff making simple practical changes both personally and professionally to take responsibility for their own well-being and coping strategies. Rene makes evidence based research accessible and fun- you can't ignore her messages! I highly recommend her training to other school leaders who want to improve school performance through enhancing staff well-being and morale." - Lesley Sweeney Headteacher Ravenbank School, Lymm

"Rene's training day proved a huge hit with all of our staff. We had staff who were reluctant about the nature and topic of the training who came to speak with me afterwards because they felt revitalised following the training. Many staff have commented on how they have already applied some of the practical tips and techniques into their daily practice to improve their own health and well- being and resilience. The opportunity to create time in a busy work/life schedule to reflect on who we are personally/professionally and then really look at the ways we can help ourselves to be the best we can be was invaluable. The day was full of practical tips and ideas to be reflective and really focus on ways to build resilience." - Rachael Nicholls Head of school at Shavington Primary, Crewe

Booking Information

Refreshments and Lunch included. Parking is available at Flixton House
Cost per delegate £100

Book on-line www.traffordeducation.co.uk


Headteachers, Assistant and Deputy Headteachers, Senior Leaders.

10 Oct 2019 09:30 - 16:30

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Date and Time

10 Oct 2019 09:30 - 16:30


Flixton House (FH - CR / Conference Room), Flixton House, Flixton Road, Urmston, Manchester, M41 5GJ


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